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David Perreault

David Perreault

You know how it is. Someone is always trying to sell you something. Sometimes it pays to listen. Unfortunately you…

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Cole Bailey

Kicksite absolutely blew me away. It is a phenomenal tool and the people are great to work with.”

Jamie Palmer

Olathe Karate Academy

In this Kicksite Success Story, we feature Olathe Karate Academy, owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Jamie and Ashleigh Palmer. We spoke with Jamie to learn more about what has made his business successful.

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Master L. Hilderbrand

We recently did a trial with Kicksite and were amazed. In twenty years I’ve been through a lot of programs…

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Brian Davidson

Kicksite has changed our business quite a bit. I can send emails to my whole student group in a snap!”

Marcello Monteiro

Marcello’s Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu Academy

In this Kicksite Success Story, we feature Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Marcello Monteiro, and discuss the challenges of owning and operating a school while also managing an association of over 50 schools and balancing a busy travel schedule.

Renshi Jamie Palmer

Renshi Jamie Palmer

Kicksite has truly helped take my business to the next level! We began using Kicksite with approximately 125 students and…

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Chan Lee

“I’’ve got 5 locations with 1,500 students…a lot of people to manage. [The Kicksite staff] made it simple to transfer…

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Sarah Bailey

“As a small business manager, the one thing I’m always short of is time. Kicksite has literally added time to…

Bobby Lindamood

Bobby Lindamood

Kicksite has greatly improved my signups for promotional testing. Prior to using Kicksite, we used various Excel worksheets and tons…

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