“It’s been one of the best things we’ve done for the gym.”

“When I’m traveling, I can open it up, and I can see what’s going on in my studio.”

“I recommend it to everybody in the martial arts industry.”

“The day I knew I needed Kicksite was the day that I first spoke to them!”

““As a small business manager, the one thing I’m always short of is time. Kicksite has literally added time to my day.””

““I’’ve got 5 locations with 1,500 students…a lot of people to manage. [The Kicksite staff] made it simple to transfer from our old system to Kicksite.””

“Kicksite has made it very easy to conduct our belt testings. We now belt test hundreds of students more quickly and with less mistakes than ever before.”

““Kicksite has changed our business quite a bit. I can send emails to my whole student group in a snap!””

““Kicksite absolutely blew me away. It is a phenomenal tool and the people are great to work with.””

“My staff and students love using Kicksite. It’s made our business more manageable and students love to check in and see their attendance medals.””

““Kicksite is very intuitive, easy to understand and easy to learn. It allows me to spend a lot less time on the computer.””

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