We chose Kicksite for a couple specific reasons. It’s customizable to our needs. As an ATA school that teaches other programs (BJJ, Fitness Classes, Yoga, Zumba), it was important to us that we were able to create our own belt structure and have the ability to have one student in multiple programs. Kicksite made that all too easy. Also, the ability to use a tablet at our front counter for student attendance and then have automatic “miss you” emails sent out frees up time for myself and my staff to focus on better customer service. Anytime I’ve had any questions on how to use Kicksite, Melissa and the other Kicksite staff have gone above and beyond to take me from a beginner user to expert. Finally, the fact that everything is web-based allows me to keep track of what goes on in my school even when I’m not there. I have and will continue to recommend Kicksite to all of my school owner friends.

Robert Bentley
Owner, Legacy Martial Arts

After trying many other programs Kick Site is the first one that actually met our needs and exceeded our expectations. It’s wonderful to look at the dashboard and get a summary of exactly what’s going on at our school on one page. If I have to look a student’s account up and I’m not at the academy, I can log in from any device that has the Internet and get the information instantly. Even when one of my staff or I have a question Melissa our customer service rep is ready to answer it and show us how to solve it. I highly recommend Kick Site for any martial arts school.

Lesley Casey
Kicksite Review: Leslie Casey, martial arts school owner

Kicksite does so much for my business I can’t imagine life without it. From student retention to memberships and automatic communications, Kicksite is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I look at after classes. Student Login capabilities are an amazing way for everybody on my team to keep track of their own attendance and memberships amongst other things. There’s no need to look any further. Kicksite does it all.

Michael Proctor
Owner, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Tacoma

My greatest surprise came after our schools first testing. It was convenient and professional to create testing events, invite the students and have them printed onto official ATA score sheets. I was blown away after the testing. Our school’s routine of taking each tester’s profile, updating the new rank, and changing their School Id card took 3-4 hours (200 students). That task has been reduced to less than 5 Minutes! I checked all testers in the events, unchecked the ones who did not show up and clicked “promote”….Done! Then I crafted an e-mail inserting the addresses of students who missed testing inviting them to schedule a make-up test. Never did that before. The parents loved it. I was sure I made the right decision to switch my school management to Kicksite, after this past testing I am 100%, jumping in the air, excited, sure I made the right decision. Thanks Kicksite Team for all you’ve done in the short time we’ve been with you!

Jim Wade
Owner, ATA Karate for Kids

I have successfully owned and operated my do-jang for nearly two decades. Throughout the years, I incorporated different organized systems to enhance our students’ experience. I always considered the systems we had in place up to date; however, some were becoming antiquated as we had become creatures of habit. In June 2013, I took the plunge and came on board with Kicksite. I have been a happy member of the Kicksite family ever since! Kicksite has provided me and my staff with additional features I was not implementing, which has modernized and professionalized my academy further. The web based interface allows me to keep a ‘pulse’ on my academy when I am out of town for competitions and seminars – be it across the state or across the world – and it better allows my staff and I the ability to provide better communication regarding each student through their individual profiles. The attendance check in feature through Kicksite has decreased check-in time for our students and has decreased labor costs for us. Additionally, the attendance reward system is a fantastic retention tool that is much more immediate and effective than we had used in the past. Further, the texting option provided by Kicksite is invaluable. These days most people do not see or check email often and may not receive timely information about events or more important announcements such as severe weather closings. The ability to text them is a huge plus! Being able to provide our students and parents with their own User Account is also something new for us. This provides additional motivation for our students and it involves the parents that we cannot get to train with their kids more profoundly – again positively impacting our retention! As well, we can offer many online resources more effectively. There are other school management companies out there that may offer similar products, but the SERVICE and the friendly staff at Kicksite are what I have been the most impressed with. The staff was able to easily transition our records to create our web-based platform. Training on Kicksite for me and my staff continues to be conducted very professionally and we can always reach someone should we have questions. In working with Kicksite staff since coming on board, it is evident that they are not only continually striving to provide an excellent product and excellent service, but they are continually looking at ways to help their clients improve their business. I am confident that we will be with Kicksite indefinitely as they continue to develop cutting edge services and technology which will enhance and grow our business! I strongly recommend them to anyone in our industry.

Garth A. Cooley
Master Instructor/Owner
Korea Taekwondo Academy (KTA) - Indianapolis, IN
2013 U.S. National Poomsae Team Captain

My name is Grandmaster Rick Hall and I have been operating my martial arts academy in Chattanooga, TN for twenty six years. During that time, I have seen the introduction of affordable computers, cellular telephones and the rise of the internet. All these technological innovations have profoundly changed the way we manage our martial arts academies. I began searching for a better, more efficient way to manage my student tracking, communication and perhaps billing. My student, Senior Master Scott Evers in Johnson City, TN recommended I try the Kicksite System that he was very happy with. From my first contact with the Kicksite Team, I was greeted with professionalism and efficiency. The team is knowledgeable and helpful. They set up my free trial and even entered in all my students and then were quick to tutor me on the workings of the system. Honestly, the system is so well laid out that I needed very little help. This system is fully customizable and is easily tailored to fit nearly any martial art or belt system. Kicksite absolutely meets my needs and gives me the ability to maximize my student tracking, communication and later if I choose, billing with my students. I have watched the continued improvements to the system as they have been added and have enjoyed the benefits they have afforded. I am very happy with Kicksite and have recommended it to my friends in the martial arts industry. I look forward to a long partnership.

Grandmaster Rick Hall
Rick Hall’s TKD Plus
Chattanooga, TN

Partnering with Kicksite has been a huge advantage for the Kansas Taekwondo Association. It enables our clubs to have the best in school management, billing, and student communication. Kicksite has allowed KTA school owners and instructors to focus on the important part of the martial arts… the education. I highly recommend Kicksite to any club, school or association looking to advance their student’s experience and the profitability of their business.

Seth Wilson
COO, Taekwondo Association of KS

Kicksite has already saved me so much time. My school had grown to the point of making membership errors, but now with Kicksite everything is organized! The attendance check-in has added a great deal of professionalism to my school. Everyone loves seeing their picture when they check-in, and I don’t have to hassle with attendance cards! I have noticed that students are motivated about using their online account to check their curriculum to study, which results in student improvement!

Paul Henrich
Henrich's U.S. Taekwondo

I have been working with Kicksite for about six months now. I’ve been very pleased overall with the customer support and also the product. As of September we’ve been using the product in its entirety including billing. Kicksite has been very accommodating and making the system ready for ATA schools. For example, Kicksite has made it where you can see ATA memberships that are expiring or are already expired. They also can send automated emails as reminders to students that their ATA membership has expired or is expiring. With just that alone we have been able to collect more ATA fees than before. We have been very pleased with Kicksite and looking forward to a long relationship.

Senior Master Jack Wenenn and Mrs. Melissa Wenenn
Owners, Wenenn’s Martial Arts (Kansas City area)

Master Chan Lee

Kicksite is one of the easiest and most efficient martial art school management systems I have used. My staff find it easy to use and has made attendance and retention at my school much easier to track and deal with. Want the best software on the market? Look no further, this is it.

Master Chan Lee
Owner, J.K. Lee's Black Belt Academies (Milwaukee, WI)
5 locations and 1500 students

Master Jay Lee

Our schools have been in Colorado Springs, CO since 1986. We have grown to 4 locations with over 1,000 active students. It is imperative that we have a great, user friendly, interactive student management system. We had been with Champions Way for 6 years and have decided to make the switch to Kicksite. After researching several companies and systems, Kicksite was the clear choice for us. Kicksite’s customer service is exceptional and they were with us through every step during the transition. We thought it would be a nightmare to transfer so many files, but it was considerably better than we could have expected. Our staff thanks you for giving them the tools to improve the communication and management of our students!

Master Jay Lee
Owner, U.S. Taekwondo Center Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)

Raymond Lumampao

100 words are not enough!!!! I have been in business for over 20 years and used plenty of software programs. Kicksite is a program that has everything. No more attendance cards. No more sending off memberships to billing companies. No more separate accounting software. No more backing up and restoring at another computer… so you can work at home…. or on the go….It is the COMPLETE PACKAGE!!! It is a great program… and they are always upgrading to make the program better. Thanks.

Raymond Lumampao
Lumampao Martial Arts (Corpus Christi, TX)

Bobby Lindamood

Kicksite has greatly improved my signups for promotional testing. Prior to using Kicksite, we used various Excel worksheets and tons of phone calls and manual emails to get students ready for testings. Now, we simply create an event and Kicksite does the rest. We have had most of our students enrolled for testing weeks earlier than before. Now, instead of calling 100 students for testing, there are only a few that we have to make extra contact to get them enrolled.

We are very excited that we already have five students enrolled for a weekend long Winter Camp in NOVEMBER!

Bobby Lindamood
Owner, Lindamood’s Taekwondo America (Roanoke, VA)

Renshi Jamie Palmer

Kicksite has truly helped take my business to the next level! We began using Kicksite with approximately 125 students and have now grown to nearly 300 students. I cannot imagine going back to the “good old days” of taking attendance by hand, tracking student promotions manually, etc. I am convinced that the organization and management tools available through Kicksite have helped me to better serve my students…thus our continued growth! I am also very impressed with the customer service I have received from Kicksite Support Staff and their constant improvement and enhancement of the site.

Renshi Jamie Palmer
Owner/Head Instructor, Olathe Karate Academy (Olathe, KS)

We recently did a trial with Kicksite and were amazed. In twenty years I’ve been through a lot of programs and billing. I have used attendance with finger scanners, bar code scanners, and more. But Kicksite has put it all in perspective. So easy for students to check in, so easy to see who has not been in class. It’s the greatest retention program I have ever used.

When parents came and noted they got my emails for our school events I was again put hand in hand with my students. It became clear we had found a web based program that was the elite of its kind. We signed with the company. No more attendance problems or communication problems with students. You already know as school owners we are skeptical. Finally I see the light. The program saves another 10-15% of students who would normally fall through the cracks. It’s really exciting now to have that level of communication.

We always fear what we don’t understand. In this case I would have the fear of not having this option and its benefits. Great Job to the Kicksite Team. I think you finally got something there. Something that deserves our respect. The same we teach and hope to earn.

Master L. Hilderbrand
Yoon's Martial Arts (Dover, DE)

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