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Martial arts have value for athletes in other sports, too.

6 professional athletes who train in martial arts

Many professional athletes who play other sports train in martial arts so they can improve both their athletic performance and mental fortitude.

Kids can learn respect from training in martial arts.

3 Ways Martial Arts Teaches Respect

Kids can learn many valuable life lessons and gain a set of traits from training in martial arts, including respect. 

A delicious Thanksgiving dinner is displayed proudly on a dining room table.

Use martial arts to work off those Turkey Day calories

Use martial arts to help shed some of the calories you pack on over Thanksgiving.

Plenty of successful businessmen and women practice martial arts in their free time.

Successful businessmen who practice martial arts

A lot of successful businessmen and women practice martial arts.

Montano's students gathered outside of his house to demonstrate their support for him in his fight against cancer.

Taekwondo Instructor Fighting Cancer is Honored by His Students

Taekwondo instructor Barney Montano, who is fighting cancer, was honored by his students.

10 Essential Retention Tips from Rondy McKee

Learn how the 2012 School Owner of the Year grew the largest martial arts school in the world! Grandmaster Rondy…

Kicksite Case Study: Master Garth Cooley

HOW MASTER GARTH COOLEY INCREASED HIS SCHOOL’S EFFICIENCY Master Garth Cooley has been practicing Taekwondo for more than 30 years,…

Sue Ward used kickboxing as a healthy outlet when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sue Ward used martial arts to kick cancer to the curb

Sue Ward found support through martial arts in her fight against cancer.

Martial arts have always been popular in movies.

8 Martial Arts Movies from 2000 and on That You Need to See

Here is a list of films made from the year 2000 and on that are worth checking out for yourself if you like martial arts

Martial arts help in the fight against bullying.

Martial arts helps battle bullying

Two different schools of thought in the martial arts world (Karate and Taekwondo) both encourage taking active steps to help put a stop to bullying.

Look for a martial art you'll love.

Is this martial arts style right for me?

Here are some tips for deciding whether a certain martial art suits you. 

Kids can relax after school with martial arts classes.

3 Reasons to Choose Martial Arts As Your After School Activity

Extracurricular activities like martial arts provide an outlet for students to work out some stress, engage in practices they enjoy and, if they’re physically active, increase their energy and focus.