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Martial arts instructors have a lot on their plates.

Are you ready to start teaching martial arts?

There comes a time in each martial artist’s training when they’re able to begin teaching other students.

What do you want your dojo to be like?

4 Awesome Things About Owning Your Own Dojo

Here are some of the biggest reasons that people who own martial arts studios love their jobs.

Martial arts are not all the same!

How to find the right martial art for you

Here is a simple breakdown of some of the most popular forms of martial arts practiced in the West.

Man in martial arts uniform ready to train outside.

Starting martial arts training

Here’s what you should know about beginning martial arts at any age.

Woman practices martial arts outside.

Health benefits of martial arts

In addition to the physical aspects of the sport, martial arts is also good for the mind.

A Tale of Two Professions

Green Bay Karate is one of the most successful martial arts studios in Wisconsin. It offers black belt training for…

Martial arts management software can give you more time to train on the mats.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

Here’s what you should know before opening the doors to the next generation of martial artists.

Martial arts school owner instructs a young student on a punch.

5 reasons people love martial arts

Here are a few reasons that people are so dedicated to their martial arts.

Several children look to the front of a classroom.

Building social skills through martial arts

Martial arts helps children build confidence and discipline, and gives them an opportunity to meet peers with shared interest.

Nervous young girl hugs a stuffed animal.

Martial arts and anxiety

Martial arts provides a healthy outlet, which can be incredibly helpful for anxious adults and children alike.

A class of young martial artists follow their instructor's lead at the front of the class.

Be the best instructor you can be

To be an effective teacher, there are many other aspects of education you must consider.

A woman looks ahead as she concentrates on the form of her pushups.

Push-ups variations for martial artists

Once you have a traditional push-up down, try some of these variations.