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Each martial arts studio has its own way of teaching.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Finding the Right Martial Arts Studio

Whether you’re just beginning to get into the craft, moving to a new city and trying to find the perfect space, or a seasoned martial artist looking to  learn some new skills, you’ll have to do a little research on different studios in the area.

There is a huge community of martial arts bloggers.

Martial arts bloggers to follow

There is also a huge online community of martial artists who blog about their experiences and expertise. Here are a few martial arts bloggers you should start following.

Tai chi can be practiced in a group or on your own.

What you should know about tai chi

While martial arts tends to focus on self-defense, tai chi helps promote inner peace.

Many children with ADHD can benefit from the structure that martial arts offers.

4 Benefits of Martial Arts for Children with ADHD

Because many children diagnosed with ADHD have a short attention span and struggle with socializing and emotional control, a lot of parents don’t know what sorts of extracurricular activities will be enjoyable for their child without adding extra stress.

Did you know these fun facts about karate?

4 little-known facts about karate

While everyone seems to know at least one person who has taken a karate class at some point in is or her life, there are a lot of facts about karate that most people aren’t aware of.

Stretch before your martial arts classes.

Martial arts for fitness

Here are some of the ways that a martial​-arts class is good for your physical health.

Martial arts instructors have a lot on their plates.

Are you ready to start teaching martial arts?

There comes a time in each martial artist’s training when they’re able to begin teaching other students.

What do you want your dojo to be like?

4 Awesome Things About Owning Your Own Dojo

Here are some of the biggest reasons that people who own martial arts studios love their jobs.

Martial arts are not all the same!

How to find the right martial art for you

Here is a simple breakdown of some of the most popular forms of martial arts practiced in the West.

Man in martial arts uniform ready to train outside.

Starting martial arts training

Here’s what you should know about beginning martial arts at any age.

Woman practices martial arts outside.

Health benefits of martial arts

In addition to the physical aspects of the sport, martial arts is also good for the mind.

A Tale of Two Professions

Green Bay Karate is one of the most successful martial arts studios in Wisconsin. It offers black belt training for…