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Martial arts instructors must continue to change up their classes.

Instructor Tips for Better Martial Arts Classes

For many children, learning martial arts is about the experience as much as it is acquiring advanced self-defense skills.

Get students ready for the octagon by being a strong communicator.

3 Ways To Better Teacher-Student Communication

While there are many skilled Mixed Martial Arts experts out there, the notion that any of them can teach is simply false.

BJJ training will allow children to drive bullies away.

How Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Builds Confidence Against Bullies

There are many types of bullying: verbal, physical, covert and cyberbullying. Children who face this type of torment often feel powerless and weak.

Keyword research and optimization in content is critical for SEO success.

4 Tips for Improving SEO Results

Although search engine optimization can seem complicated, martial arts schools can benefit from increased traffic to their websites.

Choosing the right domain name can help martial arts schools be found online.

4 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Domain names are a critical part of a strong online presence for new martial arts schools and those looking to adjust their image.

Twitter helps martial arts schools build student loyalty.

Can Twitter Increase Student Loyalty?

When martial arts schools consider implementing a social media strategy, they may be overwhelmed with the wide range of networks to choose from.

Email marketing can help martial arts schools gain new students.

How to Recruit New Martial Arts Students Through Email Marketing

Unlike other types of small businesses that can profit from one-time customers, martial arts schools need to attract and retain students.