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A small group of children sit patiently at desks facing the front of the classroom.

Why summer martial arts will better children’s fall school performance

Here are a few ways martial arts can help your child do better in school.

PPC can help martial arts schools boost traffic.

PPC helps martial arts schools attract more students when done correctly

Pay-per-click advertising can be highly effective for martial arts schools to attract higher website traffic, but owners need to ensure they are not making critical mistakes that detract from the success of these campaigns.

Loyalty plays a major role in new student acquisition.

Loyalty is a major driver in new student acquisition

Small organizations that place customer service at loyalty at the forefront of their strategies may be more successful at achieving business growth, and it’s important for martial arts schools to take note of this trend.

Using content marketing can get new people interested in the martial arts school.

3 Easy Content Ideas to Market Martial Arts Schools

There are many martial art schools teaching karate that will never be noticed because owners don’t know how to effective market their business.

Martial arts school marketing doesn't have to be expensive and can be extremely effective using outside the box strategies.

Outside the box marketing strategies for martial arts schools

Running a successful martial arts school requires a lot of commitment and dedication on the part of the owner.

A tablet proudly displays a digital marketing strategy surrounded by graphs.

Marketing considerations for 2016

Here are some things to keep in mind as you get your marketing strategy together for 2016.

10 Essential Retention Tips from Rondy McKee

Learn how the 2012 School Owner of the Year grew the largest martial arts school in the world! Grandmaster Rondy…

Learn how to increase engagement on Facebook.

Keeping your Facebook followers engaged

Since 1.44 billion people are active on Facebook each month, according to Statista, it’s important for your martial arts school to have a fan page on this social media site.

There are several ways to attract more students to your martial arts school this summer.

5 ways to attract martial arts students this summer

Summer is the perfect time to recruit young students to your martial arts studio.

kicksite simplicity infographic

Simplify your business with the right tools

When running a martial arts school, there’s a lot to think about off the mat. Managing attendance, coordinating effective outreach…

Volunteering and participating in community service events is a great way to grow a martial arts school.

Using volunteerism and community service to grow martial arts schools

Generally speaking, given the popularity of martial arts and the fact that there are always people interested in learning how to master taekwondo and karate, owners of schools may take the importance of marketing for granted.

Turning a martial arts school into a recognizable brand is a worthy goal for owners.

Branding Tips for Martial Arts Schools

Making a decision to open a martial arts school and taking the painstaking steps to turn this idea into a tangible business should be celebrated as an accomplishment for those determined to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.