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Tips to Martial Arts School Owners from Martial Arts School Owners

Tips to Martial Arts School Owners from Martial Arts School Owners

“My advice would be to fill their classes a quickly as possible. I’ve done some “crazy” Guerrilla marketing/events for new…

A black and white photo of a student training with a martial arts instructor

The Positive Impact Martial Arts Instructors Have On Students

  The martial arts are known to enhance the abilities of students beyond just physical and athletic aspects.  Growth in…

If your classes get too big, you won't be able to build strong relationships with your students.

3 common mistakes martial arts school owners make

Steer clear of these three commonly made mistakes, and you’ll put your martial arts business in a better position to succeed.

Martial arts instructors have a lot on their plates.

Are you ready to start teaching martial arts?

There comes a time in each martial artist’s training when they’re able to begin teaching other students.

A class of young martial artists follow their instructor's lead at the front of the class.

Be the best instructor you can be

To be an effective teacher, there are many other aspects of education you must consider.

A martial artist concentrates while training outdoors.

Tips for practicing martial arts outdoors

Here are a few tips that will help ensure your outdoor practice is as safe as it is satisfying.

Three young martial artists practice their kicks during training.

Identifying leaders in your martial arts class

You may notice that some of your martial-arts students show potential for leadership.

Being authoritative is critical for tae kwon do instructors.

Letting go of nervous habits leads to become a better tae kwon do teacher

Instructors at tae kwon doe schools must quickly establish themselves as the unquestioned leaders of the class.

A martial arts master flips his opponents onto the mats.

How to be the best teacher you can be

Here are five tips for helping make you a better martial arts teacher.

Devin Fernandez, a second degree Ninjutsu black belt, teaches martial arts classes to the visually impaired.

Long Island black belt teaches martial arts to the visually impaired

Empowering his students with confidence, second-degree black belt Devin Fernandez teaches ninjutsu to those with impaired sight.

With the help of light sabers, David Beaven teaches Jedi martial arts at his Claremore, Oklahoma studio.

Martial Arts meet Star Wars

At Claremore, Oklahoma’s Beaven’s Martial Arts Academy, some students wield light sabers.

Martial arts builds confidence and helps students protect themselves against bullies.

Martial arts empowers students against bullies

An anti-bullying program at North Providence High School uses martial arts to teach students confidence in defending themselves against intimidation.