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Maintaining a healthy balance during the holidays.

3 Ways To Maintain Balance During The Holidays

Believe it or not, the holiday season is here! What is meant to be a time of celebration with family…

A man stretching before practicing martial arts.

Secrets to Stretching: Why, When and How

  You’ve just finished a long, grueling workout, and you’re ready to head home. The last thing you want to…

Young man meditating to improve his Martial Arts abilities.

Meditation: The Key to Widening Your Martial Arts Abilities

Meditation has a wide array of proven positive effects: from reducing stress to improving one’s physical and mental health. Throughout…

Top view of a healthy habits breakfast with oats and fruits

Healthy Habits that Make You a Better Athlete

  Being a well-rounded athlete is not just about what you do in the gym or studio, but goes far…

Athlete getting hydrated before a Martial Arts Competition

Why Staying Hydrated is Important for Martial Arts Competition

  A rapidly growing number of individuals are participating in martial arts competitions.  This is especially evident in the art…