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Martial arts is a great exercise for stress relief.

4 exercises for stress relief

Whether it’s due to a big project at work or problems at home, stress can cause you to lose sleep and make you unhappy.

Obese children are more likely to have lower IQs than their physically activity counterparts.

Obesity may negatively affect children’s IQ scores

People who are obese increase their risk of developing coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and breathing problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Martial arts may benefit kids with attention issues.

Finding an outlet for ADD through martial arts

While children with ADD or ADHD should seek medical attention and potentially take medication, learning martial arts can support the work their doctors do.

Learn how to reduce the risk of injury while practicing martial arts.

Preventing injuries in martial arts

Although martial arts can provide many physical and mental benefits, including increasing your strength and improving your focus, you can injure yourself if you’re not careful.

Exercise, such as martial arts, during adolescence can have health benefits later in life.

Exercise during adolescence has long term health benefits for women

For some parents, it may be time to start talking to their teen daughters about developing an exercise routine, as regular physical activity can prolong their lives.

Martial arts can help you quiet your mind.

Fastest Way to Finding Peace of Mind

Swapping your regular fitness routine for martial arts may help you find some calm amidst the chaos of modern life. 

A martial arts master quickly flips his opponent on the mats

Benefits of practicing martial arts for exercise

Here are four reasons to practice martial arts.

Martial arts can be very good tools in therapy.

Martial arts can benefit those with cerebral palsy

Those with cerebral palsy can benefit by training in martial arts.

A delicious Thanksgiving dinner is displayed proudly on a dining room table.

Use martial arts to work off those Turkey Day calories

Use martial arts to help shed some of the calories you pack on over Thanksgiving.

Martial arts can be a healthy outlet for returning war veterans.

Martial arts can help those with PTSD

Practicing martial arts can help those with PTSD both mentally and physically.

Martial arts can go a long way in a fight with addiction.

Martial arts may help battle addiction

Martial arts provide a healthy outlet for those battling addiction.

Montano's students gathered outside of his house to demonstrate their support for him in his fight against cancer.

Taekwondo Instructor Fighting Cancer is Honored by His Students

Taekwondo instructor Barney Montano, who is fighting cancer, was honored by his students.