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Summer camp attendees are more likely to enroll in regular weekly classes when fall rolls around.

Beat the summer doldrums with a killer martial arts camp

Summer martial arts camps present a golden opportunity to drive more revenue, reduce class attrition and improve your fall enrollment rates.

Martial arts management software can give you more time to train on the mats.

Before starting a business

Here’s what you should know before opening the doors to the next generation of martial artists.

Loyalty plays a major role in new student acquisition.

Loyalty is a major driver in new student acquisition

Small organizations that place customer service at loyalty at the forefront of their strategies may be more successful at achieving business growth, and it’s important for martial arts schools to take note of this trend.

Martial arts schools need to be able to quickly respond to student inquiries.

Customer service is essential for loyalty

It’s crucial for martial arts schools to maintain relationships with their students to build customer loyalty.

Keeping personal and business expenses separate is vital for the success of a small business.

A healthy financial situation helps small-business owners thrive

It takes grit, passion and business acumen to run a successful martial arts school.

Martial arts school marketing doesn't have to be expensive and can be extremely effective using outside the box strategies.

Outside the box marketing strategies for martial arts schools

Running a successful martial arts school requires a lot of commitment and dedication on the part of the owner.

Two black belts practice the same form simultaneously.

Choosing the right martial arts studio

Here are three questions to ask yourself before choosing a martial arts studio.

A collage of numeric code creates an image of a digital padlock.

The importance of a strong website

Here are four characteristics of a good website.

A tablet proudly displays a digital marketing strategy surrounded by graphs.

Marketing considerations for 2016

Here are some things to keep in mind as you get your marketing strategy together for 2016.

Two hands readily grasps a video game controller

Video games have helped increase popularity of martial arts over the years

Martial arts have been a part of video games for almost the entirety of their existence.

Learn how to increase engagement on Facebook.

Keeping your Facebook followers engaged

Since 1.44 billion people are active on Facebook each month, according to Statista, it’s important for your martial arts school to have a fan page on this social media site.

With the help of light sabers, David Beaven teaches Jedi martial arts at his Claremore, Oklahoma studio.

Martial Arts meet Star Wars

At Claremore, Oklahoma’s Beaven’s Martial Arts Academy, some students wield light sabers.