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Loyalty plays a major role in new student acquisition.

Loyalty is a major driver in new student acquisition

Small organizations that place customer service at loyalty at the forefront of their strategies may be more successful at achieving business growth, and it’s important for martial arts schools to take note of this trend.

How Master Gonzalez Mastered School Management with Software

Master Reymundo Gonzalez fulfilled his dream of opening a martial arts studio in 2011 when he founded Warcats Taekwondo studio…

Keeping personal and business expenses separate is vital for the success of a small business.

A healthy financial situation helps small-business owners thrive

It takes grit, passion and business acumen to run a successful martial arts school.

A martial arts master flips his opponents onto the mats.

How to be the best teacher you can be

Here are five tips for helping make you a better martial arts teacher.

10 Essential Retention Tips from Rondy McKee

Learn how the 2012 School Owner of the Year grew the largest martial arts school in the world! Grandmaster Rondy…

Kicksite Case Study: Master Garth Cooley

HOW MASTER GARTH COOLEY INCREASED HIS SCHOOL’S EFFICIENCY Master Garth Cooley has been practicing Taekwondo for more than 30 years,…

Volunteering and participating in community service events is a great way to grow a martial arts school.

Using volunteerism and community service to grow martial arts schools

Generally speaking, given the popularity of martial arts and the fact that there are always people interested in learning how to master taekwondo and karate, owners of schools may take the importance of marketing for granted.

A martial arts school will only be as good as the training plan developed by instructors before classes are even taught.

Martial Arts Training Plan

Martial arts training can be fun for both students and the instructor.

Many martial arts instructors, in addition to teaching classes, may also find themselves in the role of mentor.

Tips for Becoming a Martial Arts Mentor

Mentorship is a big responsibility for anyone teaching self-defense classes and helping students master the fine arts of taekwondo and karate.

Keeping students motivated is a great way to ensure the success of a martial arts school.

How to Motivate Martial Arts Students

For many owners or martial arts schools, not only is there an understanding that students are taking classes for self-defense purposes, but practicing karate and taekwondo is also a great way to stay in shape.

Successfully marketing a martial arts school is as important as the training that students receive.

The Secret to Running a Successful Martial Arts School

Running a martial arts school requires a lot more than opening a facility for training and then waiting for interested parties to walk in and sign up. 

Blogging increases awareness of your martial arts school, which will increase enrollment numbers.

3 Reasons Why Blogs are Essential to Your Martial Arts Website

Blogs are gaining steam in the online sphere.