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If your classes get too big, you won't be able to build strong relationships with your students.

3 common mistakes martial arts school owners make

Steer clear of these three commonly made mistakes, and you’ll put your martial arts business in a better position to succeed.

Software pain

How to run a martial arts studio headache-free

Here’s how to eliminate some of the more concerning issues and make your martial arts studio as headache-free as possible.

Kids excited about martial arts

5 sure-fire ways to bring in new martial arts students

There are endless opportunities to improve enrollment in your martial arts classes.

Summer camp attendees are more likely to enroll in regular weekly classes when fall rolls around.

4 Killer Ways Summer Camps Can Benefit Your Martial Arts Business

Summer martial arts camps present a golden opportunity to drive more revenue, reduce class attrition and improve your fall enrollment rates.

Martial arts instructors have a lot on their plates.

Are you ready to start teaching martial arts?

There comes a time in each martial artist’s training when they’re able to begin teaching other students.

What do you want your dojo to be like?

4 Awesome Things About Owning Your Own Dojo

Here are some of the biggest reasons that people who own martial arts studios love their jobs.

A Tale of Two Professions

Green Bay Karate is one of the most successful martial arts studios in Wisconsin. It offers black belt training for…

Martial arts management software can give you more time to train on the mats.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

Here’s what you should know before opening the doors to the next generation of martial artists.

A class of young martial artists follow their instructor's lead at the front of the class.

Be the best instructor you can be

To be an effective teacher, there are many other aspects of education you must consider.

PPC can help martial arts schools boost traffic.

PPC helps martial arts schools attract more students when done correctly

Pay-per-click advertising can be highly effective for martial arts schools to attract higher website traffic, but owners need to ensure they are not making critical mistakes that detract from the success of these campaigns.

A young martial artist bows to his instructor as a sign of respect.

What martial arts can teach you about running a business

Here are a few things martial arts develop in students and how they apply to a business setting.

Several martial arts belts of all different colors are stacked in order on a wooden table.

Keeping Track of Martial Arts Students’ Progress [Video]

By defining training benchmarks and utilizing management tools, you can keep track of your students' pacing.