Win a tablet for your martial arts school!

December 8, 2014

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Many martial arts school owners are always on the hunt for ways to streamline their operations. The less time they spend on back office tasks, the more opportunities they have to engage with students and instruct them in self-defense. Many martial arts training facilities use desktop computers as a way to monitor important metrics such as enrollments, drop-outs and average class size.

However, technological advancements, such as laptops and tablets, are becoming increasingly popular with owners for keeping track of critical data sets. Now, oversized computers are no longer necessary, and more practical devices are becoming common within martial arts schools.

How martial arts school owners benefit from mobile technology

The student check-in process is a fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. When arriving for class, individuals will either sign their name on a sheet of paper that is later input into a system that logs attendance, or this process will be done by a staff member operating a computer.

Tablets are a great way to facilitate this activity. Many schools have a tablet located at the front desk that allows students to automatically check in to their class. This is done using an application that logs each student’s attendance in real-time, eliminating the need for an owner to make separate entries into a computer program. Owners can later go back and review this data to see how many people showed up for a particular class, as well as chart those who have missed training on a consistent basis.

This is one of the many ways that martial arts schools can become more modernized and efficient at the same time. Certainly, many people who run facilities that train people in karate and taekwondo are comfortable with the old way of managing certain information.

Technological advancements have created tools that benefit everyone. Owners should strongly consider systems that automate daily tasks.

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