Why Your Martial Arts School Needs a Website

July 5, 2018

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At Kicksite, we designed our studio management tool to make it easier for you to run your school.  so you can spend more time growing it. This post is to offer marketing tips to help you connect with more students and build your business.

Remember the yellow pages? That massive directory that listed every business in your city and also had coupons for your favorite pizza place?

As soon as the phone book was printed, it was out-of-date. New businesses opened, others changed their names, and some companies closed. But as consumers, we didn’t know until we tried to find the business or until the next version of the directory was printed.

It’s probably been a few years since many of us flipped through the yellow pages. But one thing hasn’t changed: We still need a way to learn about businesses.

Enter the internet. Now if we want to find a martial arts school in our area, the first step for most of us is to hop online and enter “Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym”.

If you own a martial arts school and wondering if you really need a website, the answer is yes. Here are some basic things to know about having a site and how it can help attract more students.


It’s your virtual brochure.

A website is the front door to your business. It’s where people first learn about your school or gym – the types of classes you teach, the backgrounds of your instructors, as well as any discounts or deals you offer – before walking through they physical door.

Unlike a traditional brochure or a mailer, though, a web site comes with no printing or mailing costs. Making changes to the site is easy and the updates are reflected instantly, which means your site is always current.

Another perk of a web site? It’s easy to fix errors. Find a spelling mistake or print the wrong phone number in your brochure and you’re stuck with a stack you can’t use. But if you make a grammatical error on your website, it just takes five minutes to fix and it’s like the mistake never happened.


It’s easy to update.

Part of martial arts studio management is ensuring the site stays current. Good news: You don’t need a computer science degree to update your site. The same tools that make having a website affordable, also make updating one easy. They give you customizable templates to drop in the copy and photos so there’s no need to hire a web site developer to edit your site. Using a template makes creating and maintaining a site easy, and it gives your marketing budget some breathing room.


It’s okay to be basic.

Every website needs certain things regardless of industry – info about their products and services, company background, a section for news and updates, details about promotions, contact info and links to social media channels.

An effective web presence doesn’t mean you have to accept credit cards, or have motion graphics and a video on your homepage. It’s more important to have the right info on your site – and for it to be current – than to have a lot of bells and whistles.

Also, keep in mind that your site can evolve. That means the website you have five years from now may look much different than what you start with. It’s just like martial arts training; the taekwondo rank you have today, isn’t the same as when you first started.

It’s okay to begin with a basic version and develop a more advanced site down the road.


It has unlimited potential.

The internet is called the world wide web for a reason. At the end of 2017, there were 4.1 billion people worldwide who were online. If your first instinct isn’t to go online for more info, that’s okay. Just remember the data says that billions of people do and that it’s likely to your benefit to be there.

In a previous post, we shared that Facebook, the largest social media platform, has 2.2 billion people who use it monthly. That means there are nearly two times the number of people online visiting websites than there are using Facebook.

It’s hard to think of any other marketing tool that has the potential to reach even a fraction of 4.1 billion. Certainly not the yellow pages, right?


A website gives your martial arts business the potential to be found by anyone anywhere. Building a global community lets you connect with other martial arts leaders and Brazilian jiu jitsu  gym owners, learn about new training opportunities and techniques, rank promotions, and connect with other judo enthusiasts around the world. And, while those BJJ fans may live a continent away, they could know someone just down the street from you who they could refer to your school.

A website is a virtual address that makes it easy for students to find you and learn more about your martial arts school or BJJ gym before they walk in the door. Take advantage of this easy way to market your business and connect with a global audience.

Hang up on the phone book. Say hello to a website – and more students and members – for your martial arts school or BJJ gym.