Why martial arts school owners should leverage Facebook to acquire customers

May 6, 2014

Martial arts school owners can reach current and prospective students by utilizing Facebook.

As Facebook gains popularity, martial arts school owners should consider reaching prospective students through this social media channel. As of October 2013, 500 million people were using Facebook and 250 million log in each day, according to an infographic compiled by Visual.ly. Additionally, 250 million individuals scroll through their Facebook feeds from a mobile device.

Newplans, a marketing firm, recommended that sole proprietors create a list of prospective customers and send a friend request. However, only send requests to individuals you already know. When he or she accepts the friend request, engage with the prospect by “liking” posts he or she publishes. Facebook promotes an engaging atmosphere and even a space for sales.

With 1 million active advertisers, owners of martial arts school may consider buying ad space to stand out among the crowd. It is a prime opportunity for small-business owners to create a company page – local business pages garner 645 million views a week. Invite Facebook friends to visit the page and become a fan. It is best to post content consistently because potential and current students may see your company as a thought leader in the industry.