Why martial arts school owners should focus on efficiency

January 2, 2015

kicksite martial arts software efficiency graphic

Business owners benefit significantly when they prioritize efficiency. With a more efficient business model, owners save time and money and enjoy stronger customer relations. For an owner of a martial arts school, it’s no different. An effective material arts school leader focuses on efficiency for several reasons. He or she can spend more time building stronger relationships with students and their parents, serving as an advocate for martial arts and focusing on personal and professional goals.

Some martial arts instructors attend to tedious everyday tasks, which take them away from what’s important. Master Garth Cooley can relate. As an owner of the Korea Taekwondo Academy in Indianapolis, he used to waste time on mundane tasks, such as obsessing over emails, manually tracking attendance and monitoring membership. Spending a lot of time on these activities doesn’t necessarily generate results. Effective owners acknowledge that busywork doesn’t lead to productivity. According to Next Avenue, it’s easy to get burnt out when attending to secondary duties. An owner who experiences burnout is less likely to meet his or her financial goals, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Naturally, Master Cooley sought solutions to streamline his business. It’s important for Cooley to reduce distractions and time-wasting efforts during his day, so he can focus on his goals. Not only does he care about his academy, but he also hopes to make kyoroogi an Olympic sport and develop poomsae internationally. With these big goals, he needs to be as efficient as possible.

One way of improving efficiency is turning to smart technologies. Automating attendance and belt promotions save owners time and energy. With innovative tools and an efficient approach, owners can devote more time to networking with the martial arts community, surveying membership trends and identifying processes in need of improvement.