Which side are you on?

January 3, 2015

Kicksite martial arts software infographic

The key to running any successful business is streamlining daily tasks and thus avoiding any extra work. A martial arts school is particularly vulnerable to developing an extensive list of “to do’s” while also trying to manage student training and other aspects of the business.

However, many martial arts school still use old, antiquated methods to keep track of important data that helps a school evaluate how well it is doing financially and where it can make improvements. For example, many owners still use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track how many new members have signed up for classes and the number of dropouts that have occurred. When it comes to tracking attendance, many schools still use a card system to log this data.

When critical information needs to be shared with those students, owners will often email this information using their personal email accounts or a third-party system that blasts information to large groups, regardless if the contact information on file is correct or not. Lastly, the most critical component of any student’s training is the mastery of one belt level and advancement to the next. Many martial arts school owners manage this process using a combination of several different methods, such as tracking progress via spreadsheets, making announcements using email and leaving it up to individual instruction staff to decide when a student is ready to test for the next belt rank.

These separate processes are a lot to handle for any martial arts school owner. Thankfully, Kicksite offers an all-encompassing solution that allows all critical information related to running a martial arts school to be stored in one centralized database. The less time owners spend on back-end processes, the more time is available to teach students the finer points of martial arts while increasing the efficiency of the school.