Use personalized marketing strategies to reel students back in

October 29, 2013

Personalized strategies, like text messages, can help martial arts schools connect with students.

Martial arts school owners must quickly realize that even though their students have a similar interests in tae kwon do, karate or Brazilian jiu jitsu, it takes different marketing strategies to get them to return to the school for more classes. Understand each customer interaction with the business needs to be a integral aspect of how martial arts school owners build campaigns to grow attendance.

A recent report sponsored by marketing cloud software and services Responsys and conducted by Forrester stated it may be the right time for marketers to dramatically change how they approach customers, through a strategy called marketing orchestration.

“Marketing orchestration is marketing transformation,” said the study. “It flips the traditional marketing model on its head by first starting with what is the right journey for each customer versus what is the product I want to sell to people through a discrete campaign.”

Create a personalized strategy for each student
Leveraging automated messaging to stay in contact with student will only be effective if martial arts school owners put together a plan that is personalized and utilizes the insights from all customer interactions. For example, if a student talks about the school or a class on social media, marketing orchestration suggests to reach out to your brand ambassadors with an email or SMS message to give them more information. Instead of putting together campaigns that appeal to the masses, martial arts school owners must deliver customized marketing content for all of their students.

“One of the biggest challenges cited by today’s marketer is how to coordinate and integrate their marketing across touch points and time,” said Scott Olrich, president of marketing and platform at Responsys.

Add more students as a result of marketing automation
The key to any effective marketing strategy is seeing a high return on investment. A recent article for CMSWire stated this is exactly what businesses can experience if they deliver personalized messages to each customer. Martial arts school owners may be able to benefit from this strategy by tracking student behavior, and using triggered communications to ensure that the school remains on top of mind of students.

Martial arts school owners must understand that the customer comes first, and if they aren’t delivering a customized experience to each student, a competitor may be.