Use Kicksite to get organized this year [Video]

February 5, 2016

Stacks of papers and files bury the desks beneath them.

The second Monday in January is recognized as “National Clean Off Your Desk Day.” Although it’s an unofficial national holiday, the event goes hand in hand with a popular New Year’s resolution: Stay organized in 2016.

Martial arts instructors often take on a two-fold responsibility that leave little time for administrative tasks. Not only are they in charge of helping individuals learn self-defense tactics, but they’re also in a position to teach students valuable life lessons about honor, loyalty and respect. That said, teaching pupils anything can be tough to do from behind a pile of paperwork.

Kicksite is a tool that was developed by martial artists for martial artists to stay organized as they run their studios. The program makes staying organized easy, as it allows instructors to track attendance, collect tuition and monitor students’ promotions. Try Kicksite today to get out from behind the desk in your office and back on the mats with your students!