Uncovering the benefits of martial arts training for children

October 16, 2014

[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="25449586"] Children can benefit from martial arts training in a number of ways.

Martial arts schools provide a number of benefits to students who sign up for classes. Beyond teaching self-defense techniques that people can use to protect themselves, owners of training facilities unknowingly enrich the lives of others in a multitude of ways. This is especially true for children.

Here is a short list of the ways training in taekwondo, karate and other disciplines can help kids as they learn the fundamentals of self-defense:

  • Improved listening skills: Let’s face it, children are notorious for having short attention spans and are prone to distractions. However, Kenney Meyers, a successful business executive, wrote in a blog post that due to the verbal cues of martial arts training, enrolling kids in classes can significantly help them become better listeners and improve their ability to follow instructions.
  • Development of self-confidence: During their formative years, children are often unsure of themselves and have a propensity to be insecure. Eric Stevens, en expert in sports psychology, wrote on the Breaking Muscle blog that martial arts training can help children understand how to be humble and respect others. This is born out of being confident in their ability to protect themselves as they continue mastering their craft.
  • Goal setting: The belt system commonly associated with martial arts training is a great way to help students strive for new heights, Kenny Meyers wrote. As children progress from one color to the next, it not only instills a sense of confidence, but it also encourages them to continue training and move on to the next level of mastery. This is a transferable skill that kids can use outside of martial school that will benefit them in other areas of their lives.
  • Physical activity: The advent of gaming platforms and other devices such as smartphones and tablets have made children more sedentary than ever. They no longer feel the need to go outside and be active when they can just as easily entertain themselves with handheld gadgets. Eric Stevens stated that martial arts classes will encourage kids to have activity-based fun. This will not only enrich their lives, but it will also make them healthier and more physically fit in the process.

Martial arts school owners should highlight these benefits when prospective students inquire about taking self-defense classes, as they can help drive increased enrollment and substantially increase bottom-line revenue.