Turn Your Phone Off For This

December 5, 2018

This week at Kicksite we’re helping our martial arts business owners see the benefits of taking a break from technology. Don’t get us wrong, we love technology and know it has many positives, but too much of it can be a hindrance in many areas of life.


Understanding the power of technology is an important skill to keep ourselves in control and know when to discipline when necessary. Just like in martial arts, discipline gives us the focus and direction we need to achieve our goals. You’d be surprised at how much your life would change with a little more discipline, especially with technology. Have you ever felt like your phone addiction was keeping you from doing things you’ve always wanted to do? Has it gotten in the way of your martial arts business goals or personal aspirations?


Whether it’s for just 30 minutes or 30 days, we dare you to turn technology off for these reasons:


More Intentional Relationships


Social media has been able to connect us with family and friends all over the world, but does it hinder connections with the people right in front of us? Developing a relationship with people requires actual interaction and time in person with someone. Liking their status or commenting on pictures of their children isn’t enough. As a martial arts business owner, remind yourself how important it is to connect with your students or gym members. Ask intentional questions like the highs and lows of their day, what the best part of their week was, or what their weekend plans are. Better yet, challenge your martial arts students or gym members to keep their phones off and in their bags while in the studio gym. The worst feeling is seeing a line of students sitting next to each other, all staring at their phones. Be the role model they need and harness positive intentional relationship building with each other in between classes and while on the mats.




What would you do if you had an extra one to two hours a day? According to The Telegraph, adults spend over two hours a day on their phones. Constantly checking your email or social media decreases productivity, especially if you’re checking it in between projects. In order to increase productivity, put your phone away in a different room or turn it on silent so it is not a distraction. Better yet, turn off all notifications on your phone so you won’t be alerted every time you receive a message. The iPhone also just added a screen time setting that can help you set limits on the time you spend on social media. Take a step back and imagine what you would do with your martial arts business if you had an extra hour a day.


Improved Self Worth


Researchers discovered that one in three people feel worse after visiting social media. It’s easy to compare by seeing what others are doing, where they are going, how successful their business is, etc. Taking a step back from social media can help refocus on what is most important in life. Also, staying active in practicing Taekwondo or other martial arts can help regain any confidence that has been lost. This aspect is especially important in children. With the growing amount of time children are spending on social media, it’s crucial they continue to feel confident in all areas of their life. Enrolling a child in martial arts can help boost self-confidence, discipline, and the belief they need to lead a positive life and improve their self-worth.


Reduced Stress


Technology is constantly evolving, and we’re pressured into thinking we need it to improve our productivity, lifestyle, and way of communication. The constant need for “connection” can become an addiction and cause stress in many people’s lives. Letting go of the computer or cell phone for a few hours each day can help reduce the pressure and stress to feel “connected” to the outside world.


Whether its a temporary break or longer, there is much to be gained from turning your phone off and focusing your time on intentional relationship building, productivity, self-worth, and reduced stress. We encourage you to take time this week to step away from technology and your phone. As a martial arts business owner, it’s important to focus on what is most important for you, your business, and the students in your studio or jiu-jitsu gym. Can’t do it alone? Ask your martial arts students or members to join you in reducing your time using technology. Together, you can make big changes!