Tips for engaging Facebook followers

October 9, 2013

Martial arts schools can use photos and contests to engage Facebook followers.

Facebook is highly useful for martial arts schools because they can quickly communicate with potential students and encourage their current customers to join the community through the social network. While schools that write and post great content can attract a fan base, it can still be difficult to gain followers on the network.

No matter how many fans a martial arts school has on Facebook, this strategy may not have the results the owner wants unless people engage with the content. Only 13 percent of followers see each Facebook post, according to Business 2 Community. While martial arts schools don’t need to post multiple times every day, creating a rough content calendar can help ensure posts are going out at the right time and photo sharing and status updates are occurring frequently enough to boost engagement.

When utilizing Facebook, it can be easy to run out of ideas for posts. Martial arts schools can use Facebook to post and promote photos from classes and competitions or link to content on the blog or website. Studios can also plan to post seasonal or holiday-related items. Creating a calendar will help the school schedule when to post different types of content to ensure there isn’t too much of something in a short period of time.

Engagement is an ongoing process
If school owners feel like they are running out of ideas for posts, they can create a list of keywords to help generate fresh topics, Search Engine Journal stated. Similar to how keyword research improves search engine optimization strategies, this can help martial arts schools write and publish smarter content that is more relevant to what potential students are looking for.

Image posts are highly effective on a number of social networks, but studios can’t always use these to boost engagement. Owners should mix it up, and videos are a useful tool to create variety. If the school posts videos of students going through karate or jiu jit su routines, these can also be shared through Facebook.

While it can be difficult to constantly create thought-provoking, unique content, martial arts schools should aim for social media posts that encourage sharing. An easy way to boost engagement is by including a call to action in Facebook posts that prompts followers to do something. Studios can posts photos and ask fans to create a caption or use other small contests. This will keep followers interested in content and more likely to share it.