Teen girl in India uses karate to fend off two drunk males

February 29, 2016

Karate helped protect one young woman from her attackers.

In Madhyamgram, a small town in India, a 16-year-old girl was walking home alone from a karate lesson when she was assaulted by two drunk men. Sexual violence against women has caused recent social upheaval in India because of a number of high-profile incidents. Lucky for this young lady, however, she was trained in the martial art of karate.

“I started learning karate a year ago. I feared I might be sexually assaulted,” she told the Times of India. “Crimes against women have risen alarmingly in our part of town. I wanted to be able to defend myself and I am glad I did.”

When the two men attempted to grab her, she was able to fight them off. Instead of fleeing for her safety, she stood her ground and defended herself. She used a series of blocks and strikes that she learned from her training.

This young woman serves as yet another example of a young person who will forever value the positive impact of martial arts in her life. Instead of being a victim of a violent crime, she was able to defend herself against two men without getting hurt in the process. The ability she displayed by keeping a level head in extremely dangerous circumstances goes a long way in asserting the notion that martial arts are beneficial for your mental health just as much as your physical health.

Shankari Haldar, a local, saw her in action, and told the Times of India, “I was stunned by her courage. She kicked and punched the youths and they fell flat. But it is unfortunate that they managed to flee. Other girls should also learn martial arts to keep such criminals at bay.”