Simplify your business with the right tools

January 5, 2015

kicksite simplicity infographic

When running a martial arts school, there’s a lot to think about off the mat. Managing attendance, coordinating effective outreach and stewarding communication with current and future students are just a few things that keep operations running smoothly. There are also the necessary logistics, such as timely billing and accurate accounts management.

You may have limited staff or may be the only one in charge of organizing operations. It can take an enormous amount of effort and problem-solving to construct effective ways of carrying out each task.

There are a slew of administrative choices to make, such as whether to employ an online billing system and the best platform for doing so. Then, there’s logging student feedback and strategizing the best ways to keep them engaged. There will also be questions of how to properly manage outreach on multiple social media sites. Vetting all your options becomes one more thing on your long to-do list.

Too many choices can actually overwhelm us to the point of stifling the ability to make decisions, according to UX Myths. The logistics game can send the brain into overload and lead to frustration. Even if you’re up for the challenge, doing so means sacrificing time spent on teaching and community-building. Don’t overlook the potential for technology to relieve this burden by automating administrative processes for you.

It may seem counterintuitive but having fewer choices actually gives you more control, noted 52 Weeks of UX’s interface design expert Joshua Porter. The best approach is to simplify these choices so you can run your business better. You’ll spend less time making decisions, so that you can channel your energies into what you most care about: teaching. More time away from your desk means you can develop a richer connection with your community, and that means building a stronger martial arts business.