SEO is important for martial arts schools

September 26, 2013

SEO can help martial arts schools attract more students.

Many martial arts schools understand the importance of having a website, but without a strong search engine optimization strategy, they may not see as much traffic as they would like. If owners have ever typed certain words into Google hoping to see a link to their site appear and find nothing, SEO can be a worthwhile investment because potential students may have trouble finding the school as well.

While SEO can seem extremely complicated to school owners, it doesn’t take advanced programming knowledge to increase website visitors. SEO is less expensive than pay-per-click advertising because it encourages people to find a site organically, according to an article in Fox Business.

Google can be the best choice for SEO because it is the dominant search engine and accounts for 70 percent of all Internet searches while Yahoo, Bing and AOL make up the remaining percentage.

How martial arts schools can start driving more traffic to their websites
When school owners start thinking about tags, HTML and keyword research, SEO starts to look complicated, but if they implement a content strategy, a large portion of the work will already be done, Forbes said.

Martial arts schools probably have images and text on their websites, and small improvements can boost their ranking in Google. The website, any news coverage and social media profiles all contribute to content. In fact, changes to Google’s algorithm have placed a greater emphasis on links from social media sources and high quality content, making it important that the website and other channels are full of relevant content. Text and images that martial arts school share on their social profiles should link back to the website because this boosts SEO efforts.

Another reason that SEO can seem intimidating for martial arts school owners is because changes to Google have created new penalties for formerly acceptable tactics, such as duplicate content. If martial arts schools take text from another website, Google will penalize the site by dropping it further in the results. However, this can be avoided if schools make their own material. They can take cues from other organizations in the industry, such as adding a blog or infographics.

By focusing on adding content and linking back to the website, martial arts schools can easily improve their search engine rankings without becoming SEO experts. If the website is easier to find, martial arts schools have better chances of gaining more students.