Work to deliver a stellar experience to all students

October 31, 2013

Happy students can help boost attendance at martial arts schools.

According to a new study from Contact Center Solutions provider CorvisaCloud, 14 percent of consumers will speak highly about a business after having a positive experience, while 31 percent will write a strong review of the company. Owners of martial arts schools must take their this heart and really work hard to ensure their students are happy.

Asking instructors to go above and beyond the call of duty when working with students should be the first thing martial arts school owners do when adding new teachers. To John Rote, vice president of customer experience at Bonobos, this means defining excellence and working with employees each day until they have demonstrated the ability to help martial arts schools to meet the needs of all students.

It has been well-documented that Americans trust the insights of their friends and family when discussing certain companies. Owners at martial arts schools must ensure that their staff provides a first-class experience to every student who trains at the school, inspiring them to speak highly of the brand on social media, review sites or blogs. Simply treating all who interact with the school in a respectful way will surely boost attendance levels.