Maximize the potential of LinkedIn

November 8, 2013

Using LinkedIn properly can make life easier for owners at martial arts schools.

Owners at martial arts schools must realize they need to take advantage of every marketing channel possible. By creating a LinkedIn page for their business, in addition to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, martial arts schools will have all of their bases covered when it comes to social media marketing. A January 2013 study from The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International revealed using LinkedIn is the most useful for small firms. Forty-one percent of the more than 800 small-business owners who took part in the research said LinkedIn is beneficial to their companies.

“LinkedIn is the dominant traffic driver,” Ken Lopez of A2L Consulting, told The Wall Street Journal. “Twitter is a small percentage by comparison.”

How should martial arts schools construct their LinkedIn pages?
Creating a business page for LinkedIn shouldn’t be something that is done quickly without much attention. Owners at martial arts schools should set aside some time to complete their LinkedIn pages. According to an infographic put together by self-proclaimed “LinkedIn Queen” Eve Mayer and social-marketing platform UberVU. businesses should include a headline that is complete with industry keywords and a full description of the company, a logo that sets the business apart from others and a link to its website.

After building their LinkedIn profiles, martial arts school owners must regularly update their pages with activity that is going on at the school. Publicizing new classes, linking the pages of instructors and boasting the benefits of martial arts are all ways business owners can grow their following on LinkedIn.

Locate potential students on LinkedIn
Martial arts school owners shouldn’t think that just because they have built an engaging page and regularly post updates that they have maximized the potential of LinkedIn. A guest blog post for Econsultancy written by Joel Windels, the EMEA mangers at Brandwatch stated businesses that use social media should monitor what potential targets are saying on these platforms.

Searching relevant keywords and looking at some of the interests of local people can help martial arts school owners harness the marketing power of LinkedIn. Sending a private message to prospective students or getting in touch with parents who have posted about looking for an alternative physical activity for their kids can go a long way in boosting attendance number at martial arts schools.