Martial arts training helps kids avoid bullying

February 29, 2016

Martial arts helps kids stand up to bullies without resorting to violence.

Bullying is becoming a more serious concern for parents. Martial arts training can teach children strategies to cope with bullies – without resorting to violence.

Some parents may think that martial arts encourage kids to respond aggressively if they are being picked on, but self-defense is only one tactic gained through this training, according to The Troy Record, a New York news source. A program at a local dojo in Troy, N.Y. is aiming to teach children specific strategies. These strategies can help them stand up to verbal abuse and cyberbullying in addition to physical altercations.

Although martial arts is a valuable way to learn bullying prevention techniques, this training gives kids an outlet for expression. Karate, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give children a more appropriate way to express themselves, and it teaches them how to respect others, Washington-based studio SBG Seattle stated. Not only will children be physically active when they engage in martial arts, but it’s mentally stimulating as well. This helps kids develop strong characters, which comes in handy when they need to stand up to bullies. Martial arts training empowers children to overcome obstacles, which is a valuable life skill as they get older.