Martial arts schools can use video marketing to attract new students

September 6, 2013

Online videos can attract new students to martial arts schools.

There are a variety of marketing tactics owners can use to boost enrollment in a martial arts school, but online videos can create a competitive edge. Because karate and tae kwon do are incredibly hands-on, video marketing can showcase what a school has to offer to potential students.

Online videos are becoming more significant as people increasingly shift from watching television to consuming content online. A study from Accenture revealed 90 percent of consumers watch some form of video online, which means it is more important than everĀ for small businesses to include this in their marketing techniques. There are a number of video hosting sites for owners to choose from, so it can be easy to start offering this form of content.

Often, when students are considering enrolling at a martial arts studio, they want to get a feel for how classes are run and what they can expect from the instructors. If parents are trying to find a martial arts school for young children, they may be especially interested in getting a behind the scenes view of the studio. Using video to give prospects a view into the school can help them connect with the company, according to Small Business Trends.

Video can spark interest and boost enrollment
Offering videos on the martial arts school’s website is a great way for owners to attract new students because this content can highlight the value of martial arts training. Videos can express the personality of the owner and instructors, deliver relevant information and give prospects an idea of what the other students are like.

Martial arts school owners may not even need to make a major investment to start utilizing video assets. It is very possible they already have training videos and clips from competitions that can be converted for the website, and this content can make a big impression on potential students.

One way owners can highlight what it’s like to be a student at the school is to utilize the testimonials of current students. People are more likely to respond to recommendations from others compared to other forms of advertising, Small Business Trends said. Videos of happy students engaging in classes and competitions can make people want to join the school and be part of the organization.