Martial arts improve football skills [Video]

February 5, 2016

A football player darts past an opposing player to run in a touchdown.

Football may not be a combat sport, but it is certainly a contact one. Lately, NFL players have been turning to martial arts to increase their coordination and physical fitness simultaneously.

As you tune into the Big Game this year, you’re sure to see a few players who have made martial arts part of their workout regimen. Three-time Pro-Bowl linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers is well-known for making hand-combat drills a part of his offseason routine. Ben Creamer, strength and conditioning trainer at offseason training facility APG, described martial arts training as a way to sharpen a player’s “weapons for battle,” according to

On the opposite sideline, veteran linebacker Paris Lenon of the Denver Broncos takes on a wide array of training strategies in the offseason, including several martial arts, like Muay Thai, according to a report from USA Today.