Martial arts give police officers a reason to be more active

February 20, 2014

Police officers should take part in martial arts classes.

Not only can martial arts training be a good idea for law enforcement officers who want to be able to defend themselves during hand-to-hand combat, but it can also be a decision that can have a positive impact on their health. A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa revealed “police work is primarily sedentary.” In fact, many police officers get about as much exercise on the job as a babysitter or someone who washes dishes.

“The public view, how the media portray it on shows like ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ it’s just go, go, go – it’s an intense, high-activity profession,” said Sandra Ramey, assistant professor in the UI College of Nursing and corresponding author of the study. “But it’s not. It’s more like bursts of energy, with long periods of little activity.”

Technology is leading to less activity on the job
Police officers are one of many types of workers that are moving less while at work as the years go by. The study showed that high-ranking deputies are less active than officers who are in the field on a daily basis. Computer work is one of the primary reasons why law enforcement officers are getting less exercise on the job than ever before.

“The police are not alone, in that most jobs are associated with using higher technology at the expense of physical activity in the workplace,” Ramey said.

Martial arts can be very beneficial for police officers
Ramey believes that police officers need to be encouraged to be active. By being incentivized to learn martial arts, they have the opportunity to increase their levels of physical fitness, but also be safer while out in the field. An article written by highly decorated police lieutenant Dan Marcou for online news source Police One stated that the skills learned in martial arts classes can make it easier for police officers to be able able to protect themselves.

Marcou believes that many martial arts techniques are also those that are used in the police profession. Developing a mastery of them can be easier when they are perfecting their skills both in martial arts classes, and also in their professional development. Taking martial arts courses can help police officers decrease the odds of getting injured while on the job, as well.