Try replacing the risks of football games with karate class

November 7, 2013

Active children can try karate to get the physical contact they desire.

Playing competitive sports is critical to the development of well-rounded children. This is why many parents have long lauded football as a great way for their kids to build character while getting the physical activity they need to remain healthy. However, concussions, which are caused by contact to the head, are causing parents to take their children off the football field, and it may be for good. According to a new study recently presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, new helmet and mouth​ guard technology may still not prevent concussions in adolescent athletes.

“Despite what manufacturers might claim, newer and more expensive equipment may not reduce concussion risk,” said Margaret Alison Brooks, an assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, who was a lead co-investigator in the study. “So is it worth the significant extra cost to families and schools?”

Turn to karate for physical activity
Many children are aggressive by nature, and still want to participate in sports that require physical contact. Parents who want to accommodate their kids should look into karate, which is a form of weaponless self defense. Not only can studying martial arts give students the exercise they need, but it allows children to let off some steam.

Parents who choose to take the football pads off their kids and enroll them into a karate class will be able to see physical stamina and endurance levels climb for their children. Students also may experience increased strength and more confidence. Learning these self-defense techniques will allow kids to feel safe and accomplished that they can acquire a new skill.

Karate keeps children fit
When taking karate class, children are constantly moving their hands and feet, allowing them to sustain a high heart rate throughout the class. Continuous movement and activity for an extended period of time on a regular basis will often lead to kids developing a faster metabolism, the ability to stay at a good weight, improved blood circulation and higher levels of flexibility. Classes are often filled with jumping, grappling, blocking and striking, which ask children to make quick, forceful movements that are important aspects of karate training. Signing up for a school with a strong class schedule will prove to be worthwhile for parents.