Invest in automation software to speed up processes

March 1, 2014

Try business process automation software to improve productivity.

Is your management software allowing your instructors to spend more time preparing for class and less time on their computers? Many martial arts school owners want to maximize the potential of their staff, and that means giving instructors the innovative solutions that offer them the opportunity to better do their jobs. This is why many small companies have started to lean on business process automation technology. Shifting away from paper-based processes can create efficiencies and make instructors more productive than ever before.

Take advantage of innovative software
Thirty-three percent of 500 professionals that answered a recent survey from IT nonprofit association CompTIA said their workflow is often slowed down by difficulty locating documents. With business process automation solutions, small-business owners are able to organize a cloud environment where their employees can store all of their files. Cloud-based software makes it easier for instructors to track attendance, make notes about students and share information with their bosses.

“Technology and trends that generate additional revenue or new business tend to draw the most attention, but improvements to internal operations that reduce costs also contribute to the profitability equation,” said Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis at CompTIA.

Get a leg up on other schools
There are some areas that have several martial arts schools, while others are not overly saturated with them. Nonetheless, martial arts school owners have to make the investments to ensure their business is as strong as possible. According to the research, 65 percent of companies have made the shift to the cloud and more than half are starting to leverage mobile technologies. By having an idea of how certain innovations can streamline processes, martial arts schools can get an edge over other local schools.

“Companies with aggressive technology adoption mindsets are able to advance to process-level issues and create competitive advantage,” Robinson said.

Don’t be the business owner that gets left behind
While three-quarters of small-companies are expected to increase their use of business process automation software over the next couple of years, there are still some businesses that don’t believe they need to invest in such solutions. Many martial arts school owners don’t think that innovative technology is for them. However, the truth is that nearly every enterprise, no matter the industry, can benefit from automation software that enables employees to be more effective in their roles.

Many martial arts school owners would say that there already isn’t enough time for them to complete all of their tasks in a day. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to automate the processes of filing expenses, filing out invoices and scheduling classes. Freeing up their time from these administrative duties can give the an opportunity to focus on growth and forming stronger relationships with their staff members, as well as students. A blog for expense management solutions provide Concur stated that the right automation tools can also make it possible to dramatically cut the amount of time to carry out certain processes.