How to make marketing more efficient

October 3, 2013

Marketing can be more efficient and cost-effective if martial arts schools select their platforms carefully.

Martial arts schools may feel pressured to jump on the bandwagon with all the latest marketing trends, but this isn’t time-efficient or cost-effective. If owners dive into the latest social media trend without a strategy, they may not see the results they wanted. Instead of trying to create and maintain a presence on every online platform, martial arts schools can benefit from narrowing it down to a few channels that are most relevant to the students they want to attract, according to an article in Business 2 Community.

One mistake made by martial arts schools and other small businesses is relying on Facebook and Twitter to draw in new customers because these networks have many users. However, unless owners use targeted ads based on where prospects live, these campaigns can fall flat. Although Facebook has a high number of users, it won’t be the right choice unless potential students are actually engaging through that channel.

Test different digital platforms and stick with what works
Martial arts schools should only focus time on resources on digital marketing channels that prove to be effective. To make marketing efforts more efficient, schools should monitor what’s working and what isn’t to avoid spending resources on campaigns that aren’t delivering. Even if a social media strategy or email marketing campaign is successful for a while and then stops delivering results, martial arts schools shouldn’t feel like they need to stick with it.

To prevent marketing from turning into a time-consuming task, martial arts schools can implement a user-friendly management system to help them handle tasks. Schools have more channels to reach potential students than ever before, but they need to be sure they are utilizing the ones with the most relevance to their target audience.