Failure benefits martial arts students

May 20, 2014

[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="25449586"] Experiencing failure helps martial arts students develop invaluable coping mechanisms.

When martial arts students participate in a competition or attempt to earn the next belt, they encounter the risk of failure. Students are outside their comfort zones. In this space, they push themselves, take risks and try new things. If children face a setback following these events, they can take it as a learning experience instead of replaying the mistake in their heads.

Failure provides martial arts students the opportunity to learn resiliency, build character and develop coping mechanisms. These invaluable skills help a child bounce back from difficult times. Students become stronger individuals when they learn how to deal with disappointment.

Parents, a parenting resource, reported that disappointments can be good for kids. When reality doesn’t align with a child’s expectations, he or she can develop skills in creative thinking and the ability to collaborate. Additionally, Active, an informative sports site, mentioned that possessing confidence helps children tackle various problems.

Dealing with an upset provides individuals the opportunity to see what they’re made of and tap into their potential.  When children transition into teenage years and young adulthood, they will be more prepared to face the difficulties ahead.