Email marketing can help recruit and engage new martial arts students

September 11, 2013

Email marketing can help martial arts schools gain new students.

Unlike other types of small businesses that can profit from one-time customers, martial arts schools need to attract and retain students by building personal relationships. It can be challenging and time consuming for karate and tae kwon do instructors to attract new students while devoting their time and attention to their current classes, but martial arts software can help. Although many martial arts school owners may see email marketing as a thing of the past compared to social media, this form of communication is still a useful recruitment and engagement tool to interest new students.

According to a study from Custora, customer acquisition through email for retailers has actually increased in the past four years. This means martial arts schools can still use this technique to recruit new students and engage previous clients. Social media was found to have a lower conversion rate than email.

Email marketing can complement other online campaigns. Martial arts studios can encourage people to subscribe to their email lists on their websites. Owners need to have a list of relevant prospects before creating engaging content or sending out special promotions.

Benefits of email marketing to gain new students
While martial arts schools can use a blog on their website to deliver informative content to potential students, email communications should be brief, Small Business Trends said. Readers should be able to get all the information from a message quickly. Although emails can be different lengths based on the target audience, the message should have an engaging headline to encourage opens and the most important details need to be near the top.

If potential students contact the studio but have not made a move to enroll, they can be sent coupons for discounted classes. This allows prospects to try a few classes before they make a commitment. Email marketing can also be used to inform prospective students about why martial arts are a valuable pursuit.

In addition to attracting new recruits, email marketing can help martial arts schools convince previous students to return. If people took several classes and stopped attending, the school can send them messages about the benefits of continuing their training. Email marketing can help owners and instructors improve their personal relationships with their students, which can encourage enrollment.