Discovering your courage in martial arts [Video]

April 25, 2016

A man clutches a cardboard box displaying a nervous face over his head.

Everyone faces something frightening in their lives – likely every day. Developing courage helps you overcome your fears and experience new adventures. Training in a martial art has the added benefit of helping you develop courage.

When you face the unknown a little bit at a time, you build a tolerance. In martial arts, you’ll learn moves you’ve never done before and perform in front of other people. In either case, the stakes are relatively low. If you mess up, it’s OK – you can try again. You’ll get to see how brave you really are on a regular basis.

As you face and overcome more of these challenges, the better able you are to handle whatever comes your way, whether it’s meeting new people, giving a speech in class or learning something unfamiliar. Essentially, martial-arts training provides a safe place to turn your fears into courage.