Could mobile emails help engage more students?

February 22, 2014

More emails are opened on smartphones and tablets than any other medium.

While martial arts techniques stand the course of time, the same doesn’t go for member management strategies and initiatives the school can use to grow its following. School owners must constantly stay up on the latest trends that will allow them to engage with their students through their preferred devices.

It’s time to adopt mobile emails
Simply optimizing emails to be opened on smartphones and tablets may help martial arts school owners form stronger relationships with their students. After all, a new study from email solutions provider Litmus showed that 51 percent of all email opens are now on mobile devices. With more people viewing their emails on their handheld gadgets than on PCs and browsers, owners of martial arts school would be smart to take the necessary steps to ensure their emails will be properly displayed on any device. Embracing the mobile trend is imperative to have success with email campaigns and maintain those strong relationships established with customers.

“Desktop opens now make up 31 percent of opens, while webmail has dipped to 18 percent,” said Justine Jordan, marketing director at Litmus. “It seems that each passing holiday season brings everything ‘mobile’ a little closer to taking over the world. This ongoing trend is one of many indications that the rise of mobile is primarily consumer-driven.”

Learn to engage your mobile audience
Not only do martial arts school owners need to optimize their emails to be viewed on smartphones and tablets, they also should alter the designs of their messages to be more effective. Creating emails that engage students can be a great way to grow interest in the school. Here are some tips from a recent article for Mobile Marketing Watch that businesses can use to improve their success when sending emails designed for mobile users:

  • Integrate responsive design elements: Many smartphones and tablets will have varying screen sizes. Keeping this in mind, martial arts school owners should build their emails to look good on any device. With responsive design elements, emails can be view optimally no matter what gadget they are reading them on. When prospective students find it easy to read emails, there is a better chance they engage with them and look forward to receiving future correspondence from schools in the area.
  • Don’t include too much information: Mobile devices have much smaller screens than PCs, and because of this, it’s important to change what is added to mobile emails. Incorporating a call-to-action, a snappy subject line and supporting content should be the primary concerns for martial arts schools who are drafting their marketing messages.
  • Look back on successful messages: There will be certain emails that recipients respond to really well. After looking at the open and response rates, take the most effective ones to be used to prepare emails in the future. Martial arts school owners should build on the types of messages that work well, and scrap the ones that could have performed better.