Content marketing helps martial arts schools attract new students

September 24, 2013

Content marketing can help martial arts schools increase enrollment.

Many industries can benefit from content marketing, including martial arts schools. Small organizations need to advertise, but they have limited resources, so strategies like content marketing can help them attract new students, according to Search Engine Watch. Martial arts schools can take advantage of inexpensive sources of content to boost their online visibility.

Martial arts schools can create much of their own content and share it through their social media profiles to gain more attention online. Many potential students complete online research before deciding to enroll in martial arts classes. An easy way to start generating content is by creating a blog on the school’s website. A blog can give a karate or tae kwon do school a voice and personality, as well as a new channel to interact with current and potential students. Martial arts schools can utilize a blog to write about new trends in the industry and interesting facts about their organizations.

While slide presentations may not be the first thing school owners think of when it comes to content, these are easy to read and can allow martial arts schools to share visual content. This can help owners and instructors showcase the hands-on nature of different courses they offer. These can be posted on social networks and include educational information or recent photographs of events or competitions.

Technology is impacting how martial arts schools market to potential students
Online marketing trends have made it easier for martial arts schools to reach their target audience and given them a variety of cost-effective tools. A significant percentage of consumers are more likely to seek more information about a brand after seeing a video online, Business 2 Community reported. Social media channels and mobile technology have made it easier than ever to create and post videos. Video marketing gives potential students a glimpse at what enrolling in classes at a martial arts school would be like.

Content marketing is growing in popularity across a number of industries, and smaller organizations can utilize it to boost their online presence. Since potential students are likely to conduct research before they ever visit a school in person, relevant information provided via a website can help martial arts schools establish themselves as a credible source of information.