Connect with martial arts students on their birthdays

December 12, 2013

Reach out to students with a nice birthday greeting.

Martial arts school owners share a different relationship with their customers than leaders of other businesses. They see their students every time they come to the school for class and are often able to build more personal bonds with them. It’s important for owners of martial arts schools to use these opportunities to their advantage, especially when it comes to customer retention.

When students are celebrating a birthday, it is a perfect time for martial arts school owners to show how much they care about their customers. Not only will a customized birthday greeting go a long way with both adults and children who attend the school, but it also demonstrates that owners want more than just their money when they attend class.

Birthday messages are proven effective
One of the best things martial arts school owners can do is to put a smile on the faces of students and parents, and they can make this happen with birthday greetings. In fact, a new study from analytics and marketing technology provider Fulcrum showed 74 percent of 500 consumers said they they had a better view of a company after receiving some type of communication on their birthday. Simply reaching out with a birthday greeting of some kind can be key when students are deciding where to sign up for Karate or Tae Kwon Do class in the future. The stronger the relationships that school owners form with their students, the easier it will be to get them to sign up for class again.

“While marketers who recognize their customers’ birthdays assume the message creates an even stronger relationship with them, our consumer research confirms the positive influence on both the brand’s image and future sales to that customer,” said Tara Piazza, senior vice president at Fulcrum.

Acknowledge students on social media
Social media is at its peak in terms of popularity, and Americans are using the sites more than ever before. This is why martial arts school owners should be leveraging Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build their community. Whether schools are reaching out to students on their birthday or mentioning them in a photo or post, using these online platforms is another opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers. A blog post for Hubspot stated that uploading pictures of classes and tagging students can be a great way to drive traffic to the school’s social media pages, which can lead to more interaction down the road.