California man with martial arts background fends off two burglars

November 30, 2015

Krav Maga helped one man fend off two burglars.

It was 4 a.m. and Erickson Dumaual was asleep in his bed inside his Santa Ana, California, home. Two robbers, armed with a gun, entered his house through an open sliding door and demanded money and other valuables as they held the gun to Dumaual’s head. Instead of panicking or losing his wits, Dumaual used the extensive training he had in Krav Maga to protect himself along with his sister and nephew, who were also in the house. This martial arts discipline is used by the Israeli army and employs a combination of boxing, judo and wrestling that blends into a kind of street fighting.

First, Dumaual had to wait for the right moment to spring into action.

“When I saw the gunman turn his head, I attacked. I went for the gun. I have training in Krav Maga, so it didn’t scare me at all,” Dumaual told Santa Ana ABC affiliate KABC.

He managed to get the gun from the intruders. One of them took off while the other stayed to try to fight. But as he began to lose the fight, the last remaining intruder, later identified as Bryan Bravo, began to run. After warning him to stop several times, Dumaual shot Bravo in the leg. Police arrived on the scene to take Bravo, a known gang member, into custody.

“He deserved it. He deserved every bit of it. I’d do it again if it happened again,” Dumaual told the source, following the incident.

Damaual escaped the events relatively unharmed with the exception of cuts from broken glass on his foot. This man’s story serves as yet another example of the positive impact martial arts can have on your life. Not only was he able to protect himself and his family, but he remained calm in the face of danger. Of course, even martial arts practitioners can be seriously harmed if they engage in fights with gun-wielding adversaries. Use your martial arts skills wisely, always choosing the safest route.