Martial arts schools can focus on content marketing and social media to boost enrollment

September 20, 2013

Online techniques, such as content marketing, can help martial arts schools grow.

Martial arts schools can significantly increase their enrollment with marketing, and online channels may prove to the the most effective in the coming years. Despite the wide accessibility of Internet marketing tools, such as search engine optimization and social media, many business owners were feeling overwhelmed, accorded to Daily Deal Media’s “2013 Merchant Survey.” Two-thirds of those surveyed were unsure of how to measure their marketing efforts, and many were not satisfied with their current websites.

Since more people rely on the Internet to find information about local organizations, martial arts schools can gain an advantage by adopting these methods. They can increase the chances they will be found by potential students.

Online marketing trends for 2014
While Internet advertising has been around for a long time, the landscape has rapidly changed to include new techniques, and different methods have grown more effective than others. For example, content marketing is expected to become more popular in the next year, Forbes reported. Martial arts studios can create content with a blog to share stories about the school, instructors, course offerings and opportunities for competition. Mass marketing techniques, such as television and radio ads, may not be as effective as the results from providing relevant information to potential students.

Social media tactics can also help martial arts schools gain new students. However, it may no longer be enough to maintain a presence on only one network, Forbes said. Social networks can give school owners a platform to share blog posts and engage with potential students. Small businesses used to be able to establish themselves in their area with one or two social networks, but it will be more important to branch out and create a presence on multiple networks.

Another major trend expected to happen in online marketing in the next year is that content will become more image-centric. People are encountering a higher number of advertisements in their day-to-day lives, and to have an impact, marketing messages need to be easy to view and understand. Martial arts schools can easily incorporate photos into blog posts to increase the number of views. Since martial arts involves a great deal of physical activity, owners can showcase students at different levels, include highlights from recent competitions and show off the facility. This can make a significant impression on potential students.