How martial arts students of all ages can benefit from training

September 20, 2013

Martial arts training can help people become more confident.

There are many benefits of joining a martial arts school. Students of all ages can improve their physical fitness and confidence and build character from karate, tae kwon do or jiu jit su.

In an article for The Aspen Times, Evan Zislis detailed his journey into martial arts after an on-the-job neck injury caused him to lose employment.

“Repairing my body, starting a new business, restoring self-confidence, and striking swiftly with control and precision required poise; something I was emotionally, physically and professionally lacking at the time,” he wrote. “After briefly flailing around, desperately trying to regain my composure, I rediscovered a new strategy of being through martial arts. It changed everything.”

Emotional and physical gains for martial arts students of all ages
While many martial arts experts have expressed the value of martial arts training for children so they can learn to stand up for themselves and build self-esteem, adults can experience benefits as well. This type of training can provide students with an outlet to develop a wide range skills, according to David Lader, a  Chung Do Kwan tae kwon do master.

The learning pace and benefits vary for every student, but many people feel a sense of accomplishment from progressing in their training. Authentic martial arts skills require character, courage, discipline and physical strength to master, and these benefits will not occur overnight. Martial arts training is a challenge for many people, but a worthwhile pursuit because it helps students realize what they are capable of because it requires internal and external strength. Building physical capabilities can help people recognize skills in compassion, dignity and confidence.

For many, it is not about choosing a particular style of martial arts but finding the right teacher. Martial arts school instructors should strive to help their students achieve these benefits.