Beginner’s Guide to Marketing to Millennials using Instagram

June 25, 2018

Multi-ethnic millenial group of friends taking a selfie photo with mobile phone on rooftop terrasse at sunset

Millennials are currently the largest living generation in the United States, making up nearly one-fourth of the country’s total population. Being able to market to this group of people may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually far easier than you may think! For these younger individuals, social media is very present in their lives, constantly influencing their decisions and opinions.

So understanding how to market to millennials through a social media platform can be extremely effective for one’s business.  Instagram is the perfect way to do it! It is simple, easy to use, and most importantly, extremely popular with millennials. Instagram recently reported that it has 500 million daily active users. A huge portion of these users falling between the ages of 18 and 34. Over the past several years, more and more businesses have used Instagram to promote their products or services to millennials. So how exactly do you use Instagram to market to millennials in the most beneficial and successful way?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the 3 most helpful tips when it comes to using Instagram to market to this seemingly tricky age group:


1.) Keep it Personal

The internet is constantly cluttered with ads and slogans, so when it comes to Instagram, that is not what millennials want to see. The first step to creating an effective Instagram account is avoiding ad-like posts, logos, slogans, facts, and statistics. Millennials won’t be swayed by another company trying to sell or promote a service. They want something authentic and personal! Post fun pictures and videos that make your company feel more human, not just like another computer-generated promotion. Speak to your audience in a less formal way, as friends rather than customers. Whether it’s a fun picture of your students or a funny story from a competition. Make sure to always show personality and keep it light, relatable, and authentic.


2.) Post Things People Want to Share

Instead of trying to use Instagram to “sell” your service, use it to share cool photos and interesting events or articles surrounding your school. Make it more lifestyle-oriented, and post things that others want to show their friends. You can put links to helpful articles or videos in your Instagram bio, or use hashtags that relate to your posts so that more people can find the photos you are sharing.

Another great way to get your followers involved is by featuring posts that other Instagram users tagged your account in. For example, if one of your student posts a picture of them training in your gym and tags your account, ask them if you can feature them on your Instagram! This is a great way to share the successes of your students, and inspire others as well. It is one of the many ways to use your Instagram account to connect with people.


3.) Keep Your Followers Updated

Make sure to post pretty regularly, so that your followers are always in the loop and updated! Stay active with your account and always keep an eye out for material that your followers want to see. Another great way to keep your account relevant is to take advantage of often overlooked features that Instagram provides, such as Instagram live and Instagram stories.

Instagram live, for instance, could be used to share a tournament with followers while it’s happening. Instagram stories can be used to share photos and inspiration as well, such as daily quotes, answers to questions, details of upcoming events, or just fun videos from a class. Remain active on your account, and continue to share new ideas and materials.


Social media is the perfect way to attract attention from millennials, and Instagram is one of the most effective ways to do so! Learning how to use your Instagram account to appeal to this younger generation will give your martial arts school a major advantage when it comes to marketing. Knowing how to keep your account personal, informative, inspiring, and fun will keep your young followers interested and and engaged. This will take you much farther than simply sharing your logo or advertisements, and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. Instagram is a perfect tool to make your school current, fun, and connected!