Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Martial Arts

December 31, 2013

[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="25449586"] Americans can use martial arts to fulfill their New Year's resolutions.

Fifty-one percent of respondents to a recent BMO Wealth Institute study stated that health and fitness will be part of their New Year’s resolutions. That outpaced personal finances, which received 36 percent of the vote, and improving personal lives (31 percent).

Joining a fun activity like Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes can help people achieve the better body they are coveting. Regular classes mixed with a healthy diet can contribute to getting in better physical shape throughout the upcoming year.

“If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, you will need to follow a plan that includes an exercise schedule and a diet regimen,” said Chris Buttigieg, senior manager of wealth planning strategy at BMO Financial Group.

People have to be willing to change their lives

One of the main reasons people don’t exercise on a regular basis is because they feel they are too busy juggling work, children and other responsibilities. However, dedication to physical fitness requires commitment, and it’s important that Americans understand that they deserve this time to themselves. Parents can even get their whole family involved in martial arts classes to create a fun experience for everyone.

Here are tips from Master Michael Brown at ATA Leadership Martial Arts :

1. Continue to set goals

Starting out in martial arts classes, setting initial goals is important. As training progresses, people should make new goals as they accomplish their previous ones. Regardless of why you exercise, having short and long-term goals motivates you to attend every class.

2. Get someone to join in

Martial arts can be a great way for people to reconnect. It more enjoyable to advance in martial arts training with a sidekick. Not only can people serve as motivation to continue on, they can make classes something to anticipate each week.

3. Set aside time for exercise

Many Americans have a lot on their plates as it is, and when their week is over they just want to relax on the couch. But signing up for martial arts can force people to create time for exercise. Having an open hour or two every few days for physical fitness can continue even when martial arts classes have had their last session. This will get people thinking about their next training regimen and how to improve their fitness levels. Brown believes that people will be able to quickly see the benefits created by exercise.

“This ‘me’ time will not only boost your health on both physical and emotional levels, but it will provide an excellent example for your children on how to lead a healthy lifestyle,” he wrote.