3 Ways to Increase Martial Arts Enrollment

August 9, 2014

[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="25449586"] A martial arts school can only survive if its enrollment numbers are consistent.

A martial arts school is only as successful as the number of students who enroll for training. Yes, having a nice facility with state-of-the-art equipment and teaching disciplines like taekwondo and karate at the highest level helps, but none of that matters if people aren’t interested in signing up for lessons.

Increasing enrollment is a challenge for many schools. However, there are best practices that will help keep student enrollment numbers from dwindling. Turtle Press, a publisher of martial arts instructional books and videos, offers several strategies that schools can employ to maintain a level of profitability:

Use referrals:

There is no better advertisement method than word of mouth. Therefore, students pleased with the level of training they receive, should spread the word to others interested in martial arts.

Offer something free:

Sometimes the best way to sell a product or service is to give consumers a free sample. This same strategy applies to martial arts training.  A free training session is a great way to highlight what a school offers.

Highlight positive media stories:

If a martial arts school has been recognized by a local newspaper or magazine, displaying these clippings on a website or inside the school is a great way to get potential students excited about what they can learn.

Leveraging technology to accelerate growth:

As viable as the previous tips are, all of them can be improved by using technology. That’s why Martial Arts Business Daily highlighted the importance of schools having a website. Many times those interested in learning a martial arts discipline will conduct research about schools online. Ensuring that a website includes valuable information such as frequently asked questions, feedback from current and former students, even videos on the specific disciplines, can all play a big role in driving up enrollment numbers.

Following the suggestions listed here can help any martial school generate more revenue by piquing the interest of potential students and getting them to enroll in classes.