3 tips to resume productivity after the holidays

January 8, 2014

Get workers to stay productive after the holidays.

Many small-business owners gave their employees a lot of time off during the holidays and expect them to come back well-rested and ready to remain productive in the new year. However, workers may have enjoyed the extra vacation, but it makes it a little bit more difficult to get back in the swing of things. Here are a few tips for small-firm owners to revive their struggling workforce and get them to conquer the fatigue that sets in after the holidays:

Give employees something to look forward to
The winter months after the holiday tend to drag for many staff members. New York-based clinical psychologist, Linda Smith, told Entrepreneur magazine that it can be hard to employees to get back up to speed when the holiday vacation subsides. To get their productivity up, small-business owners should plan a party or a long weekend that can instantly boost morale throughout the entire company. She believes this will give the workforce something that they can focus on in the future.

Create a corporate wellness program
It is well-known that people have more energy if they exercise regularly. Small-business owners can make this happen by building a program that gets staff members active. One way they can do this is to partner with a local martial arts school to get classes for reduced prices for workers. Not only can Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes be a great way to exercise, but employees can also build stronger bonds with one another by taking some classes together. Small-business owners who are trying to get production levels back to pre-holiday levels sometimes have to think outside the box.

Ask staff members to re-focus
The holidays are often much different than normal. Keeping this in mind, this is often a few weeks where workers aren’t following their regular routines. Small-business owners would be wise to get all of their employees in the same room and restate their strategies for the upcoming year and how the company plans to get there, according to a blog post for the HR Zone. Taking a look at the next six months to a year can be a great way to get the workforce back on track. It’s important for leaders to be as clear as possible when addressing their teams.