3 stress-relieving tips for women

February 7, 2014

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A recent study conducted by women’s opinion site SheByShe found 35 percent of women said enjoying their favorite extravagances allows them to relieve stress, and 33 percent responded that their guilty pleasures are some type of unhealthy food. In fact, junk food, chocolate and eating in general are the top 3 indulgences that woman appreciate, the study revealed.

“This study reconfirms that women are juggling hectic schedules that lead to the common need to relieve stress and escape,” said Janet Helm, registered dietitian and Nutrition Unplugged blogger.

While it’s perfectly OK for women to treat themselves to an unhealthy snack every once in a while, that’s not how they should deal with stress. This can lead to overeating and result in serious health problems. Learning how properly mitigate stress gives women a chance to lead healthier lives.

Stay away from the dangers of stress
The last thing that women want to do is let stress mount and affect their performance at work, relationships with family and friends and personal health. Keeping this in mind, they have to learn some practices that help them conquer their mental hurdles instead of fall victim to stress. Below are a few simple strategies that women should always remember when they think stress may be getting the best of them:

1. Visualize getting over the anxiety
Stress is often caused by feelings of anxiety or restlessness about getting something done or an upcoming event. While it’s normal to feel a little nervous, it could be detrimental for women to let a particular thought control their brain. To fight back against the negative affects of stress, a Forbes article suggests to think about the relief and calm feelings that will come after the stress is gone. This will make it easier to focus on the situation that is causing anxiety, instead of getting nervous about it. After all, most of the time, stress is just a mental obstacle that can be overcome.

2. Get some physical exercise
When women are suffering from high levels of stress, it can be beneficial for them to seek out some type of activity that they can use to let it out. This is when martial arts classes could be a smart investment for women. Not only can these classes allow them to learn Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Tae Kwon Do, but it is also an opportunity for them to relax their minds and think about something else besides what is causing the anxiety. Martial arts are a great way to exercise, while clearing one’s thoughts at the same time.

3. Unwind a little bit
Some women who are the most stressed put a lot of pressure on themselves both in and out of the workplace. It’s important for women to take pride in everything they do, but Forbes stated that they shouldn’t allow stress to consume them. A good strategy to alleviate a little stress is for women to simply cut themselves some slack and understand that everything isn’t going to be prefect all the time.